My very own book of Art Elements! *Downloadable Ebook*


My very own book of Art Elements! *Downloadable Ebook*


Say hello to my little book of Art Elements and Principles!

Designed specially for children ( Ages 5 to 12 ), this book explains what the different elements and principles are and why each one is so important when creating a picture! Younger children are encouraged to use this book with a parent while the older ones ( Ages 7+ and up ) can easily use this activity book independently!

The different Elements and Principles included in this book are:

  • Colour

  • Tone

  • Line

  • Shape & Form

  • Texture

  • Space

  • Pattern

  • Rhythm & Movement

  • Contrast

  • Emphasis

  • Unity

  • Balance

  • Proportion

It is important for children to understand what the different elements are in order to create a good artwork - Even the great art masters use art elements and principles to create their works! This book breaks down each element using helpful pictures alongside short and sweet explanations. Designed as a colouring-in booklet, there are spaces within the pages for sticking on artist examples, drawing pictures and practising what’s been taught. In fact, children are encouraged to clip on artist pictures and notes!

I created this little book, in hope that children can refer to it time and time again, continuously staple in artist picture print outs, notes, drawings that they themselves have create. Even photos taken on museum visits. And hopefully by the end of the year, it can almost become sort of like a handy little booklet resource which they can constantly refer and use year after year! : )

This downloadable ebook will be available for download right after payment. You will see a link after checking out. Depending on your internet connection, downloads may take a while as the file is pretty big.

You can print out the downloaded pages onto A4 or A3 sized paper, bind it into a booklet or use it as loose pages…it’s totally up to you! Print it out onto thicker paper so children can also paint it using watercolours! Teachers can also use this as fun posters for your classrooms or feel free to print out individual booklets for the students in your classroom - I used to do it when I was teaching in a school and the children absolutely loved it!


Please understand I’m a small business so I would greatly appreciate it if you could do me a huge favour and not distribute this ebook “en mass” to your other mum/teacher friends. Please encourage everyone to buy their own copy so it can help me keep writing and sharing fun, new things. Thank you! : )

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