New Beer Prints for the dudes!

Darren often tells me (With a rather sad face!) how there's always a lack of 'Dude Stuff' compared to 'Lady Stuff'. It's always the same mugs, ties, wallets during Christmas time especially... ... So I made these special Beer prints just for all you Dudes out there! Or ladies who love drinking too! I know I love my light beers. Hah. These are all available from my online shop here. Hope this makes all the boys smile! (:

One week to go!

As you can tell from the pictures above, life's been pretty hectic lately! We are officially one week to go and it has been nothing short of crazy, magical, exciting, stress and nerves all rolled into one! We have been weaving in and out of work, teaching, report writing (267 reports!!!!), wedding planning, vow writing, bunting shredding, hair trial-ing, pre-wedding celebrations and a ton of good food. My sister is here and everyone else starts arriving next Wednesday. ONE WEEK AWAY and it's so exciting just thinking about it. All our family and friends in one place. At the same time - Something super hard and almost a miracle when you call 2 separate countries home! I am officially counting down to this Thursday (Last day of teaching for me) then it's seriously Love time! Haha. Cannot wait. I probably won't be popping up here in the next 2 weeks but yes, if you'd like to follow our little journey and see some snaps of our special day, we'll be on instagram! : ) #dawnanddarren2014 Till then, have fun, Spring is finally here!