Interesting garden investigations *SCHOOL HOLIDAY SPECIAL*

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7 school holiday garden investigationss.jpg
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Interesting garden investigations *SCHOOL HOLIDAY SPECIAL*


Tuesday October 3rd 2017

Age Group : Prep - Year 6

10am to 12 noon

Have you ever looked up close in your garden? There's always so many interesting tiny things growing and moving! Spend a morning observing up close the patterns on leaves and twigs. Sketch the different things you see in the yurt's veggie boxes. We'll pick, pluck and collect a few of our favourites so we can arrange them to create beautiful, eye-catching botanical sun prints! Paint layout + drawing and painting, part investigation - What a wonderful way to spend a morning!

Class Location: Yarraville ( Off Gamon Street )

Inside a purpose - built American yurt, right in the middle of our glorious sunny backyard! The exact address, along with a registration form will be emailed to you when you sign up.

BYO WATER BOTTLE. All other materials, a healthy snack and comfortable art smocks will be provided for the children. 


The yurt is a small cosy space. Too many people inside can make it a tight squeeze! Therefore, all classes are strictly drop-off only. See this as your opportunity to go get some me-time. Both Coles as well as the Seddon / Yarraville village is just 5 minutes away. Get a coffee, enjoy!

*Please note – refunds/exchanges on workshop bookings are not available. If your child can’t attend the class, do let us know and you are more than welcome to send another child in their place. Thank you!

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