All soaps are made in small batches of 10, using the cold process technique of soap making. Each batch is hand measured, poured, cut and wrapped by Dawn and her husband Darren, in their very own home kitchen. Dawn even designs all the individual paper packaging - It’s truly a labour of love!

Soaps are all 100% natural, organic, coloured with natural clays and scented only with the best, all-natural essential oils. Herbs used are personally grown, foraged or sourced from honest people. Our soaps are completely natural and do not contain any nasties such as sulphates, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, mineral, palm and fragrance oils, man-made colouring and petroleum. And we definitely say no to animal testing too!

Just like any organic vegetables, handmade soaps are best used within 8 months, while still fresh! Because we use only natural ingredients, scents will fade and evaporate over time. But fret not, the amazing goodness still retains in every bar. Enjoy!