Soap Bunch!

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Soap Bunch!

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Choose 6 or 7 of your favourites and save!

Can't decide which soaps to buy? How about a pack filled with various different bars. Please indicate ( In the comment section at check out ) which soap bars, along with 2 other preferences in case any of the ones you are after has sold. Thank you! 

*Only bars left:

Campfire Apple Cider


Soaps are all 100% natural, organic, coloured with natural clays and scented only with the best, all-natural essential oils. Our soaps are completely natural and do not contain any nasties such as sulphates, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, mineral, palm and fragrance oils, man-made colouring and petroleum. And we definitely say no to animal testing too. Just like any organic vegetables, handmade soaps are not strong in scent and best used within 8 months, while still fresh. Because we use only natural ingredients, scents will fade and evaporate over time. But fret not, the amazing goodness still retains in every bar.

Soap Bunch:
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