Art at Home - Handy Watercoloring Set!

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Art at Home - Handy Watercoloring Set!

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I often get questions about the materials I swear by when teaching little kiddos so thought I'd put together a handy little pack so parents can just purchase one and their mini artists will be good to go and enjoy hours of painting fun. No need to hunt down different materials from several shops!

Each set includes:
- Watercolour Cake Set ( Choose between different colour options! )
- 5 x A4 Sized Heavy Weight Painting Paper
- 3 x White Cardboard
- Assorted Coloured Paper
- Quality Size 8 Brush
- 1 x 2B Pencil
- 1 x Thin Sharpie
- 1 x Thick Sharpie
- 1 x Masking Tape ( Tape up the edges of your paper, paint over tape and peel when dry to reveal a nice white border! )
- Paper Towel ( For dabbing wet brushes ion between changing colours )

These paints will last a looooong time and all you really need is an extra jar for your mini artist to wash their brush in! Paints are all non-permanent too so you can relax! In fact, I’ve given countless friends these gorgeous sets of paints and I know some even use them in the bath tub with their little ones. Let them have fun painting and just hose down after. Easy peasy! : )

Do note: The sharpies are permanent so best to let your little one use them only when you’re around. For any ‘oopsy marker accidents’ or if some paint colours stain your white desk…(Especially the purple!)… Just rub some eucalyptus oil over it and wipe down after.

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